Infinix S4 6GB

Infinix S4 Review: 6GB of RAM and 64GB of Internal Storage

Hello internet and welcome to Shu’s Techs, the Tech website where I, Shaibu, do the research and you get the results. So today’s review is taking us down the midrange lane and the phone in concern is the Infinix S4 (X626B). For an overview, the Infinix S4 is a midrange device that comes with the

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samsung galaxy a 40 5

Samsung Galaxy A40 Review: Simple and Compact

Plenty of Samsung mid-rangers out for grabs. The A-Series is proving to be a really fantastic choice for those looking for a decent mid-range phone that doesn’t cost much. Among the A-Series is the A40. It is more like the S10E when you compare it to other phones in the A-Series. Due to its compact

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Huawei P30 1

Huawei P30 Review: this or the P30 Pro?

If you had a map and in the map, each road was an Android phone, you would probably spend a lot of time deciding which road to take. There are a lot of roads (phones) to choose and a lot of stuff to expect. Some roads could speed up your travel while others would just

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Nokia 9 PureView 1

Nokia 9 PureView Review: 6 Cameras, yay or nay?

When I first saw the Nokia 9 PureView, which was like a few months back, I thought “wow, this is sick, are those 6 or 7 cameras?” And yes, that’s technology, we always get something new and exciting. I’ve used a lot of Nokia products in the past, and they had me for a while.

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Oppo F11 Pro 1

Oppo F11 Pro Review: That Popup Camera Tho

Sometimes, I feel great being an Android fanboy. With Android, it’s like every day is Christmas, there are lots of phones to choose from each year. Unlike others that just have phones coming out once a year. Who’s with me on this? Yeah, sure once a year somewhat keeps you from spending a lot of

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S10e featured

Samsung Galaxy S10E – Review, Specifications, Price

Hey guys, what is up? So, a while back I wrote a review of the great Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. The S10 plus is the most premium among the 3 S10’s. Today, we will be talking about one of the other 3. No, it is not the S10. So, what we have left is the

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