How To Block Applications from Internet Access on your Phone

We’ve all been there, you turn on your mobile data and the next thing, the notifications from a ton of apps start pouring in, before you know it, your whole data is gone.

moment of frustration day

Annoying isn’t it?

Well, it happens, and we end up not doing half the stuff we wanted to because we’re all out.

How do we avoid this?

“How?” you ask? Today, I am going to share with you an app I use to ensure I don’t go through this.

It’s called NetGuard firewall.


NetGuard firewall is an easy to use app that restricts internet access to apps you specify. Your phone does not even have to be rooted to use this app and the best part is, it’s free.

It is light, so you know it won’t be taking up much of your phone’s resources.

And don’t worry, your battery will be totally fine.

There are a lot of similar apps but this one gets the job done.


  • First you have to download and install the app, when it’s done installing, run or open it and TURN OFF YOUR WIFI OR MOBILE DATA 
  • You should see a screen that looks like this 1Select “I agree”.  After doing that the app displays a list of apps you have on your phone.
  • Select the option icon (the icon with 3 vertical dots), you should see a screen like so 2 select “Settings” and you should this come up 3
  • Select “Defaults (white/blacklist)” and it will lead to this Screenshot 20181204 224732Switch on “Block Wi-Fi” and “Block mobile” and turn off “Apply when screen on rules” 4 If this is what you have, go back and you’ll find yourself on the settings screen again.
  • Select “Advanced options”, it should take you to 5 then turn on “Manage system apps”. I do this so systems apps don’t also get internet access.
  • Tap back twice to go to the main screen and you should see your list of applications again.
  • Now, select all the apps you want to have internet access by tapping the WiFi icon if you want the app to have internet access when your phone is connected to a WiFi network, or tap the mobile data icon if you want the app to have internet access when your mobile network is on. 6 Red color of either icon means the app is blocked and green means the app has internet access.
  • On this screen you can see that Chrome and Firefox are allowed 9 Chrome uses your phone’s download manager so NetGuard automatically activates it. Isn’t that great?
  • When you’re done allowing and blocking all the apps you need to, click the switch on the top left. You should see a dialog box like this 8 I usually check “Don’t ask again” but you don’t have to. Click “Ok” and press back.
  • You should see your list of apps again with a key symbol on your notification bar like this 9 e1543963665483 After this turn on your mobile network or connect to your WiFi network and the apps you allowed should be able to access the internet.

Well guys, that is it, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Please like and share with your friends so they know about this. Also leave me a comment if you use any other method or if you need help.

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