How to Download YouTube Videos (2019)

Hey guys, welcome back to Shu’s Techs. So if you like streaming videos on YouTube (who doesn’t?), there has to be a time you wish you could save one of those videos on your phone or on your computer.

It could be because you just want to keep the videos to watch some other time cause you like them so much, or maybe because you don’t like all that buffering thing because you have slow internet.

This is Shaibu from Shu’s Techs, and today I am going to show you How To Download YouTube Videos With Videoder on your Android device.

I will also show you a method to download the videos straight to your computer if you want.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

There’s other apps you could use like Tubemate, Vidmate, Snaptube etc. But I’ve been using Videoder for over a year (as well as the others, but not for that long) and to me, it is the best.

If you know your way around apps, go download Videoder by clicking this link and have a great time using it, you won’t be disappointed.

For those of you who are new to using apps and want to understand how Videoder works, or maybe you just want to read on, well, stick around and I’ll show you to my fullest knowledge of everything I know about the app.

You can also share your knowledge in the comment section so I can learn something new, if I am unable to touch areas you think are important.

Just to make things a little clear, Videoder has a Free and a Paid version, with the free version, all you’re getting is ads.

For the sake of this review/tutorial, I’m going to work with the free version because free is good.

So, if you haven’t yet downloaded it, click this link to download it and install. You won’t find this App on the Play Store but it is perfectly safe.

How to Download YouTube Videos with Videoder

Okay, so after downloading the app, launch it (make sure you have internet access). I believe this should be what you see. Sometimes this depends on your location.

Videoder 1

For the sake of this tutorial, I will work with this theme, but later on I will show you how to make it dark.

Dark is good on the eyes, I mean, the YouTube app is also dark, so to make yourself feel at home, it should be a good idea to make it dark as well.

  • At the top is a search bar, this is where you search for a video. You could search for terms like “how to bake a cake” or “funny cat videos” or put a link to a YouTube video.
  • After a search, you get a list of videos that relate to your searched keywords. Depending on what you want, you could watch a video to know if it’s worth downloading, select a lot of videos to download at once, or just download videos one by one.

Watching a Video before Downloading

I am going to search for “how to bake a cake“. After searching, just tap on the thumbnail of any video you want to watch.

This should take you to a part where you can watch the video. To help you save your data, Videoder does not automatically start playing videos, so you have to hit the play button.

After watching the video, if you decide it’s worth saving, you can either hit the download button that looks like a downwards facing arrow.

Videoder 2 e1551907929248

Or you can go through the list of download types.

You have the option to download in Audio (if you want to download music), and right below is a list of Resolutions of the particular video you’re on.

If you want really detailed videos with really clear texts (maybe you’re looking for school tutorial videos) then you should get videos in at least 480p.

Videoder 3 e1551907995593

Select the resolution you want (depending on the video, it gets up to 4K), tap “Start Download”.

Before hitting “Start Download”(the second time it shows up), you get a slider that is set to the number “4”.

What this does is split the video into 4 parts to help increase download speed, I’m not really sure if it works or not. It’s best to just leave it as it is.

After hitting “Start Download”, you should notice a number on the Icon on the top-right, tap it and you should see all your videos (either the ones you’re downloading or the ones you’ve downloaded).

Selecting More than One Video before Downloading

After completing a search (by using the search bar) and getting a bunch of videos to choose from, you have the option to select as many as you want.

To do this, there’s a little white dot on the top-left corner on all thumbnails of the videos.

Tap on the dot of any video you are interested in. This should select it.

videoder dot at top left corner
Some selected videos on Videoder

Some thumbnails may have white backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean the white dot isn’t there, just tap on the top-left corner and the video should be selected.

As you keep selecting, you get an Icon at the bottom right corner on the screen. This shows you the total number of videos you have selected.

When you’re done selecting, hit the Icon that has the number of videos.

It should take you to the part where you select the resolution you want. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS PART.

videoder downloading selected videos
Videos currently set to download in M4A (audio format)

Most of the time, this step is forgotten. You might end up downloading 30 M4A files (which is basically just audio), thinking you are downloading videos.

After selecting the resolution you want to download in, hit the “Start Download” button at the bottom and hit “Start Download”.

How to Quickly Download Videos

When you get presented with the list of videos (or grid of videos), you should see a lightning icon at the bottom of each video.

Tap it and a list of “Quick Download” list will show up, select the one you want (M4A and MP3 will convert the video to audio).

Select the one you want and it should get automatically added to the download list.

How to Download Videos on Videoder while Using the YouTube App

You may not really like the way Videoder looks if you’re used to watching videos on the YouTube app.

Well, you can always download the videos you want with the Videoder app while using the YouTube app. To do this, all you have to do is share.

While on YouTube, if you stumble upon a video (or playlist) you want to save, hit the Share Button.

Videoder 4 e1551908104692

You will see a list of platforms to share on, but since you want to save, look for the Videoder icon.

It doesn’t say “Videoder” but “Download|Watch”. Select it and wait for the links to get generated.

Videoder 1 1

When it’s done generating, choose if you want to download it in Audio or in Video (with the resolution you want).

Hit “Start Download” and the Video will be downloaded on Videoder, while you’re still on the YouTube app.

How to Download YouTube Videos with Videoder while Using other Browsers

If you’re on another browser and you get a YouTube Video you want, all you have to do is copy the YouTube link from the browser and paste it in the search bar on Videoder to search.

When it’s done, you should see the video(s), from there, just follow the normal steps.

If the browser you’re using supports “sharing”, just like the YouTube app method, just share the video to Videoder and download.

How to Download YouTube Videos with Videoder Using your Computer

While on YouTube, find the video you want, and copy the video link from your browser’s address bar.

Go to Videoder’s Official Website, and put the link in the search bar and hit “Enter”.

The video should show up and you will be able to download it.

You may have to download the Videoder Software if you choose to download in a high-resolution.

Update (August, 2019): You can’t use this method anymore (or at least for now). You have to download the software on your computer to download YouTube videos.

Videoder Settings

Tapping the Menu Icon at the top-left corner of the screen should show you all the various ways you can customize Videoder.

  1. Sign In
  2. Settings
  3. Like on Facebook
  4. Share
  5. Remove Ads
  6. About

I am only going to focus on 1 and 2 cause that’s what you may find yourself using as you start using this app.

Sign In

It’s the normal Sign In we do each time we want to use a new app that requires an account to save all sort of data.

If you sign in, your watch history will be available on the Videoder app.

It works both ways, if you watch a video on Videoder or save a video to your “Watch Later” playlist, it will also reflect on your YouTube account.

Signing in just makes ensures your YouTube activities are Synchronized.

To Sign In, hit the “Sign In” button at the bottom. All you need to do is just use your Google Account details.

It is perfectly safe.


Content Settings

  1. App Content Language – choose the language you want the app to be displayed in.
  2. Content Region – choose the country you want content from.
  3. Restricted Mode – (not usually applicable to YouTube) enable this to ensure you don’t get any kind of Sensitive content.
  4. Auto Play Video Preview Gif Everywhere – choose if you want to see an animated preview of videos before downloading.
  5. Video Preview Gif Duration – if you want to watch a video before downloading it, you get an animation of the video according to the duration you set.


You can customize the appearance the way you like, I usually go for the “Night Mode” with the Black and Red Preset.

Videoder dark

You can play around with this till you find something you want.


  1. Download Location – choose where you want the videos to be saved.
  2. Max Parallel Download Tasks – choose how many videos you want downloading at the same time. (I usually leave it at 1, choosing many might slow your phone down if it isn’t that powerful).
  3. Number of Threads for Fast Downloading – one video will be split into up to 6 parts to increase download speed. Best to just leave this as it is.
  4. Use Fast MP3 Conversion Mode – increase MP3 conversion speed, not really recommend to be enabled.
  5. Auto Apply Audio Tags – adding arts to downloaded music videos in MP3 or M4A.
  6. Auto Resume Downloads – decide if you want downloads to automatically resume (maybe after restarting your phone). I wouldn’t recommend choosing “Auto resume over mobile data or WiFi”.
  7. Download only over WiFi – enable if you only want Videoder work when you’re connected to a WiFi network.
  8. Show Download Speed in Bytes/sec – changes the way your download speed is displayed.

Video Player

  1. Auto Start Video Preview – enabling this will make all videos start playing immediately you select them. If you want to save your data, it’s best not to enable it.
  2. Auto Play Next Video – automatically play the next video after the current one ends.
  3. Default Video Playback Resolution – choose the resolution you want to watch videos in by default.

Other Settings

  1. Copied Link Detection – enable this to ensure the app notices any time you copy a YouTube video link so you get a prompt to download the video or not.
  2. Receive Beta Update – if you enable this, you will receive Videoder Beta Updates, (beta updates are usually for testing purposes, you may experience errors here and there).
  3. Uninstall Audio Plugin – if the 4th option in the “Download Settings” causes any errors, uninstall it from here.
  4. Reset Settings – sets the app to its default settings.
  5. Reset App – reset the app to make it like you just installed it for the first time.


Now the YouTube app does give you the option to “download” videos, but what this really does is, after downloading the video, the file gets encrypted.

You can’t watch it on your phone’s video player, share with a friend, transfer to your computer or do anything with it outside the YouTube app on the phone you downloaded it.

Sure there are “hacks” you could do with the encrypted files so you can watch on other phones that have YouTube apps, but in my opinion, that’s just a waste of time.

Google has its copyright policy so this is why they don’t allow you to download videos this way. But well, there’s always a way around things.

Videoder is one of the best apps out there that helps you download videos on many platforms.

You may be asked to sign in to your YouTube account, you can go ahead and do that, it is safe.

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. With Videoder, you are able to download videos and playlist without limits.

You don’t have to worry about expired links as well, you can pause a download and forget about it for a while.

Whenever you remember to continue, you should be able to without starting from the beginning.

So guys, that’s all for now, do hit the like button if this helped you.

If you have any question or suggestions, do specify in the comment section.

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See you next time.

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